National Loan Restructuring stole my money

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I paid $3500 to National Loan Restructuring (NLR) to have them negotiate a loan modification for my 1sts mortgage.The only reason I went with them was that they provided a written Mondey-Back-Guarantee (actionable if I was unsatisfied in any way).

That was in December 2009. To date (Nov 2010) they have failed to get that mortgage modified. I have insisted they honor the Money-Back-Guarantee, but they refuse. Now I need to sue them to get my money back.

Their written contracts/guarantees aren't worth the paper they're written on.

National Loan Restructuring (NLR) now has a terrible BBB record (it was OK when I gave them my money).Run away from these crooks before they steal your money.

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Same here.charle Steven stole our money.

We have been calling, we even sent the, the "official letter" to get our money back and we haven't heard from them since July 2011. This was on 2009. Now our house is in foreclosure, doing business with these people cost us our home.

We lost time trying to do a "modification" with this people.The wort part is that we do research before going with them, and they were on the business burea list of we are struggling financially, and who know when we are going to be able to own another home.

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